Heureka Group

Safe, simple, and comfortable online shopping - this is Heureka Group: the largest e-commerce platform on Central and Eastern European markets.  Over 20 million users turn to us for an assistance and advice each month. We belong among the elite of price-comparison shopping sites and shopping advisors in the countries where in which we operate. We assist customers with products and e-shop selections. Heureka Group customers write millions e-shop evaluations per month. By doing so, they help other customers with their e-shop selections.

Online shopping on Heureka Group platform is simple, safe and fast. It features an overview of offered products in all categories along with great filtering mechanisms, drawing price-comparisons, e-shop and product reviews, as well as write ups and experiences of other customers. We tag all quality and reliable e-shops. We provide complex information for your shopping experience.

Heureka History
Heureka was founded by a successful Czech e-commerce company Miton Media in 2007; its website was launched during October of the same year. Its Slovak version Heureka.sk was launched a year later; it is still being operated from the Czech Republic. On 31st March 2013, after the fusion of Miton Media, Allegro Group CZ, s.r.o. became Heureka’s new operator. Following structural changes in Allegro, Heureka became a part of Naspers OCS Czech Republic s.r.o on 1st April 2014. On 22nd February 2016, the company changed name to the current Heureka Shopping s.r.o. The following price-comparison shopping sites are a part of the Heureka Shopping s.r.o. portfolio: srovnanicen.cz, nejlepsiceny.cz, seznamzbozi.cz.

In 2016 and 2018 acquisition of front European price-comparison shopping sites Árukereső.hu, resp. Ceneje.si was completed. By doing so, we established the greatest e-commerce platform in Central and Eastern Europe. In total, Heureka Group platform includes the following international price-comparison shopping sites: Árukereső.hu (Hungary), Compari.ro (Romania), Pazaruvaj.com (Bulgary), Ceneje.si (Slovenia), Jetfinije.hr (Croatia), Idealno.rs (Serbia), and Idealno.ba (Bosnia).

In June 2016, Heureka Shopping changed ownership and became a part of Rockaway. Rockaway is a Czech investment company which enters into promising projects and builds up companies which operate in emerging markets. Under Rockaway Ventures, the company assists technology start-ups with global ambitions.

The following projects are a part of the Rockaway portfolio:
E-commerce Holding, Mall.cz, CZC.cz, Uloženka, Koloniál.cz, Rozbaleno.cz, Vivantis.cz, Šperky.cz, Parfemy.cz, Prozdravi.cz, Krasa.cz, Hodinky.cz, Sporty, Westige, Snowboards, Prodeti.cz, BigBrands, Invia.