Banner Ads

Take advantage of the banner ads on the most visited websites on Czech internet. You may find these ad designs/formats:

  • Leaderboard 970x100 px
  • Skyscraper 160x600 px
  • Wallpaper 970x310 px

Technical specifications of ad formats:

Flash / Image

  • Please submit all the necessary materials 2 days in advance
  • Submit image of Flash in the right size and format with contrast limiting of 1 px
  • The data size of the file should not exceed 50Kb, exceptions may be bigger, although not more than 80Kb
  • We accept compressed images of JPG, GIF, PNG types and movies of Flash SWF type

Definition of the click FLASH

ActionScript 2:

on (release) {
if (!_root.clickthru && _root.clickTag) {
_root.clickthru = _root.clickTag;
if (!_root.clickTarget) {
_root.clickTarget = “_blank“;
getURL (_root.clickthru, _root.clickTarget);

ActionScript 3:

var clickT:Object = root.loaderInfo.parameters;
var Adbutton = root.AdbuttonJmeno; //plna cesta k objektu tlačítka
if (!clickT.clickthru && clickT.clickTag) {
clickT.clickthru = clickT.clickTag;
if (!clickT.clickTarget) {
clickT.clickTarget = “_blank“;
Adbutton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, AdClick);
function AdClick (e:MouseEvent) {
navigateToURL (new URLRequest(clickT.clickthru), clickT.clickTarget);

Price list here.


Is your e-shop not “visible” enough? Take advantage of our tools and profit from our co-operation with you.

  • PPC
  • Orange box in the product details
    • By using bid system you can make yourself most visible in the orange box dedicated for 4 e-shops the most.
    • How can you achieve that? Having “Verified by Customer” certificate, the best reviews, competitive prices, great product availability and using bid system


Via our project “Brand corner” we offer a special micro-site which presents complete selection of products on one page. One of its advantages is that it notifies you of new products or the best selling products of particular brands. It also supports brand perception, awareness and loyalty. The brands can also label their verified sellers with “Authorized seller” certification.

We also offer ProductADS for a brand overview, their top categories, top products, current product development. This tool can help increase brand awareness on special Heureka formats. The positions of participating products can be influenced by bid system., a

Other online comparison shopping and product browsers from Naspers group, that offer similar services to These are easier and quicker means of product search and price comparison.

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