What is Heureka Marketplace?

Thanks to Heureka Marketplace (also Heureka Cart) shopping is easier than ever. Customers can buy products from your e-shop right on our website. That eliminates the step of re-directing and the risk of a loss of a customer is significantly lower.


There is a new feature you can find in the Cart. Each product that`s added to the Cart will come with accessories recommendations.

Who is the Cart for?

The Cart is here for all the reliable and high quality e-shops, that:

  • Have “Verified by customer” certificate
  • Have a long term 5-star reviews
  • Are in PPC mode

What is the Cart going to bring you?

The main goal is to increse the conversion ratio of your e-shop. The main advantages are:

  • Simplicity in shopping
  • Uniform user environment
  • Free registration

Your e-shop is also going to be shown on top positions in the orange box "Heureka chooses quality e-shops for you".

Every e-shop that joins the Cart will be a part of “Purchase guarantee” program as well.

How much is the Cart going to cost you?

The registration and Cart using is free. Only in case a customer buys through the Cart, we`ll charge you a small commission from the purchase. The amount varies and depends on the product category. Complete commission price list can be found here.

If a customer buys his goods on your website, which he can get to with "To the e-shop" button, then we will only charge you the price for a click.

How can you activate the Cart?

Please contact us at kosik@heureka.cz as we need to verify your e-shop and confirm your ability of connecting to the Cart. We have to make sure of the quality of your e-shop and if we have a suitable category for your product assortment.

After that there are 2 types of connection:

1) API connection

API connection represents implementing the service in to your current system. All the orders information is automatically moved and dealt with from your system.

2) Connection without API

With the connection without API you have to process all your orders manually through Heureka administration. This solution is only suitable for small e-shops.

Connection comparison API no API
In-stock product sale yes yes
Online availability and price check (throughout process of ordering) yes no
Order handling within your system yes no