PPC System for e-shops' listing on Heureka

PPC system is a basic method for e-shop promotion on Heureka. It has the following advantages:

  • You will address hundreds to thousands of people daily
  • Your products will be presented in Heureka catalogue as well as in search results
  • You can move your e-shop to the first place in price comparison, to the “Top Box”
  • You can measure your conversions
  • You will receive “Verified by customer” certificate
  • You will gain access to "Assortment report"

Product presentation in Heureka catalogue and PPC system

If you join PPC system, your products will be placed in particular categories in the catalogue. As soon as you receive “Verified by customers” certificate, you can start bidding (setting CPC higher than in the basic price list). That will increase your chance of your e-shop being placed among 4 recommended e-shops (in the Top Box). Other important criteria are product price and stock availability.

How to get your e-shop to the Top Box?

Heureka selects high quality e-shops that are afterwards shown in the Top Box “Heureka picks high quality e-shops for you”. Up to 4 e-shops can be shown in this subsection.

The goal is to use “Verified by customer” service. Based on your customer satisfaction you can obtain the certification that is necessary for your e-shop to be shown in the high quality e-shop selection. E-shops with the best reviews stand a better chance to be among first 4 e-shops for a particular product. The reviews are not the only criteria for an e-shop to be listed in the Top Box. Following factors are also considered:

  • E-shop's quality of service,
  • Product availability,
  • Product price,
  • PPC

The rest of the e-shops are sorted by the product price. Price per click is the minimum price in the category according to the current price list.

Conversion measuring

Conversion measuring tool offers free of charge info on the efficiency of your engagement on Heureka. You can also follow ROI (return on investment) as far as ROI of individual sections and products.

Code implementing and conversion rate measuring

XML reports from Conversion measuring

Verified by customer

Verified by customer” is a service that provides independent evaluation and reviews only from customers that made a purchase at your e-shop. It gives you essential feedback on your offered services. You will learn about your strengths as well as your weaknesses. “Verified by customer” certificate is an important criterion for the customers when choosing an e-shop they`ll be shopping at. You can obtain this certificate depending on positive customer reviews. Shoppers fill out a survey they will get via email after purchase. You can always comment on their reviews.

Assortment report

Assortment report contains key information for e-shop employees that are responsible for the assortment structure and pricing. The key information includes the number of competitors offering the same product, price comparison of a product with the rest of the market and product placement according to its popularity on Heureka. You can get all the data in a format of your choice (XLS, XML, CSV) and it`s available online in the admin section. Assortment report does not include names of competitors; it shows a price scale of a product on the market and it is only designated for e-shops with “Verified by customer” certificate.