Do you want your products to be in the spotlight?

We offer over 10 million products ( – 4 million, Heureka,cz – 10 million). A key to your success is your product “being seen”. Now you have a great opportunity to help your product to be shown on top positions in category listings and search results. And there is more! Your products will be graphically differentiated with icons like “TRENDING”, “NEW”, “SALE”.

Why try ProdustADS?

You get noticed by your target audience - When using this ad format you decide on the amount of your investment in auctions. Your product position in the category listing or search results will be determined according to that amount (the higher the amount the higher the position).  Shoppers search for items in categories based on their interests, so you are at the right spot, being noticed by the right people.

You increase your conversion ratio - If you are usually not listed on top positions, the product click-through rate skyrockets.

You determine the investment amount - It is completely up to you how much money you put in. ProductADS work on a basis of auction in PPC system, so you have a handle on your budget.

You assess the results - ProdustADS offer detailed statistics, graphs, exact numbers and the possibility of data export for your purposes is a given.

What does an ad in ProductADS look like?

The ad is shown right in the category where the promoted product has been placed or in search results based on user's query. You can choose an icon that best represents your goal and that icon will be displayed by the promoted product. It is up to you if your product is listed 2nd, 7th or 12th in category listing or 1st in search results. Generally, the higher the better.

Your ad will look like this:

Do you want to try ProductADS?

It is easy. Register for to advertise your products at  and/or
Register for to advertise your products at, open your admin interface and start advertising.

Find more information about ProductADS here.

In case of any questions email us at, our sales department is fully at your disposal.

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